Dr. Barbara Stuart

Dr Stuart is a licensed Pastoral Counsellor with a heart for those who need help. She has many years of working in two of the most important professions which touch the lives of people everywhere. She is a trained nurse and certified High School teacher.
Having worked with people who were struggling with both spiritual and personal situations, she has seen changes through the Holy Spirit.
We counsel from the word with guidance and direction from the great Teacher the Holy Spirit. If you need help, why not call us.
Online Christian Counselling Service
Even to day is my complaint bitter: my stroke is heavier than my groaning.
Job 23:2
Is this the way you are feeling right now? If you answer "yes" why not call us and let us help you.
You have come to the right place where you will receive a warm welcome. Click on the link below
We Care
When you are hurting you need someone who is thoughtful, conscientious, and spiritual to help you understand the reasons for what is happening.
While we do not have the answers, we know Someone who is the Great Physician. He has never lost a case and He is ready to help you.
The focus of Christian Counselling is compassion and understanding.
If you are struggling with concerns for which you need help why not call us.
Leave a message if we are attending to someone and we will return you call and set up a program for you.
Call us today!
If we are busy, we will return your call.
770 347 8320


Why Choose Online Counselling?

With online counselling, there is complete privacy and safety because you are in the convenience of your own home or space. Sessions are affordable and flexible,  designed to fit in with the counselee's schedule.

After being informed of the process if the counselee still desires to accept the counselling services, he/she must contact us.

It means that the individual is over 18 years of age; and has been informed about the Counselling Services; understands, and accepts the principles governing the services, and is willing to be counselled through this ministry.

If you desire Counselling, please contact us.

The Counsellor will contact you within 24 hours.

February 2020

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