Shekinah Theological College


We are an Online Christian Institution

Reaching the World for Christ with the

Word, Counselling, Teaching, and

Inspirational Books.


We seek to equip the church with trained people who will bring salvation to the lost through teaching of the Word; and

biblical counselling.

Our aim is to help those who are struggling with various emotional problems face the normal vicissitudes of life.


You begin with a phone

a computer and

Your Time


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678 964 4096 [Text, Voice]

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are Affordable!

 Payment Plans are available to help those persons with budgetary concerns

We are 


Holy Ghost led &

Bible based.

We believe, preach, and teach the Word

From both Old & New Testaments


We are


Everything is online!


Everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

Make it a habit to learn something new every day!